June 2nd  -  18 notes  -  J

Lay - Blues: Shorts | Top | Cardigan | Shoes | Belt | Glasses

Another mostly H&M outfit…the glasses are from Nordstroms, but the good news is they are only $12 bucks!

June 1st  -  10 notes  -  J

Minho - Frequent Flyer: Pants | Blouse | Boots | Belt | Bag | Ring

Everything is from H&Ms current collection and under $30. Happy shopping. ;)

May 31st  -  18 notes  -  J

Minho - Everybody (Every, Everybody): Shorts | Blouse | Shoes | Hat | Clutch

Worlds longest hiatus, OVER! I have a laptop again, which means weekly fashions will be back. :) I’m a little rusty, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it. I will probably be throwing in some EXO every now and again, because I have a Kim Jongin problem. :D Hooray! It’s good to be back!

August 4th  -  36 notes  -  J

Minho - Mr Simple: Shorts | Shoes | Top | Backpack | Rings | Heart Earrings | Love Earrings

Imagine this. Stepping onto the curb of the departures gate of the airport, hand and hand with Minho, bags packed and ready for an adventure. “This way, Noona.” He’d say, taking your bag from your shoulder. They match, of course, just like the rest of your wardrobe. You are, right? Haha.

One thing I LOVE about Minho is how comfortably he dresses and still manages to look put together. I would wear a tight cami or tank under that sweater and probably get it a size bigger then needed so it could drop off the shoulders. I think I would also probably wear a pair of black opaque stockings if it was colder (As I’m finding San Fancisco is!) Also weekly updates will now be done on Sunday!

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Anonymous said:
CAn you do this thing but with boys clothes i will apreciatte it! because boys also like fashion!! like Key!

I don’t know if I can pull it off but I will try just for you

answered 1 year ago
July 29th  -  19 notes  -  J

Taemin - Singing my Blues: Dress | Shoes | Bag | Necklace | Studs

Happy Monday! :) Continuing on with the airport theme here is some minimalist Taemin. If you aren’t so comfortable showing so much leg I would throw on a pair of black stockings. :) Jonghyun or Minho next week! 

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Kibum - Taste the Rainbow: Shirt | Shorts | Shoes | Glasses | Tank | Hairbow

Hello Everyone, its Saturday but welcome back to your regularly scheduled Monday posts! …starting this Monday that is. It’s already in the queue! :) Please ignore the cost of that shirt, because it’s an exact match to Kibum’s (And I swear I’ve seen Minho in that shirt). This is a really cute summer look, like I’m sooo clicking the buy button for a lot of this stuff.

July 25th  -  31 notes  -  J

Onew - Seeing RedTop | Shorts | Boots | Glasses | Bag | Ring

I promise I’m back! Have a little Onew (as suggested by “M”). He has been doing really well with his airport fashions lately. A+ Onew, wtg. :)

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Anonymous said:
You need to do more Onew! He's been rocking the airport fashion lately, and his style has improved so much -Love, M .

I totally agree!! Onew has been doing very well with his…or his coordi’s choices lately.

And pardon me while I fantasize that the M stands for Minho. LOL

answered 1 year ago
July 17th  -  1 note  -  O

Okay lovelies, who’s going to kcon~?